Completely impractical ways to change the world: conclusions

Over the summer Hilary Blake has explored six completely impractical ways to change the world, and now for some conclusions. 

We have reached the end of our impractical ways to change the world. But are they completely impractical? Could they change the world?

Actually in a way they are practical. We might call them practices or even spiritual practices. Dedicating to a practice can change us at a deeper level, bring a change of heart. Dedicating to a practice together with others can transform our communities.

I don’t want to dismiss practical things; there are lots of people here who can talk about them better than I can. But… if we try and make practical changes without attending to our hearts and spirits, relationships and communities, then we’re in danger of going wrong in a few ways:

  • We may begin to feel smug or self-righteous, or certainly of being perceived that way. (Have you ever thought something along the lines of, ‘Well, I haven’t flown for ten years so you can’t blame me for climate change’?)
  • Blaming other people, governments, businesses etc and having a combative approach.
  • Attending to one or two things in particular, without seeing how all things connect.
  • Not being ambitious enough, being ‘realistic’ about how much can change
  • Falling into despair and not being able to get out again.

There are lots of practical people in the world, and I thank God for them. I want to encourage you also to attend to all these impractical practices that can be midwives of real and lasting change.

Say hello. Say thank you. Sing. Grieve. Listen to children. Rest.

See what happens.

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