Upcoming events and talks

Joy in Enough is launching a series of monthly talks on the themes of the environment, the economy and faith. Find out more about our upcoming talks, topics and speakers:

The Economics of EnoughJeremy Williams talks about the ideas in his book The Economics of Arrival, co-authored with Katherine Trebeck. What does enough look like? Is it possible to imagine an economy that doesn’t need to grow any more? What would it be like to live in a society where we put people’s needs first, and how do we get there?

Wednesday 15th of December, 7pm

The corporate world – friend, foe, or simply a reflection of wider society? Paul Ashford addresses the role of business in the transition to a fair and sustainable world.

Wednesday 26th of January, 7pm

Credit and faith – Philip Goodchild on banking, debt and the Christian faith.

Wednesday 23rd of February, 7pm

Jubilee debt campaign – Eva Watkinson

Wednesday 16th of March, 7pm

The Circular Revolution – Robert Alexander

Wednesday 20th of April, 7pm

Past events

Missed it? Catch up with the recordings of previous talks here:

Jesus and the Magic Money Tree – Rev Dr John Daniels

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