Joy in Enough launches vision paper

Joy in Enough has launched its vision paper, Awakening to a New Economics.

awakening-fcJoy in Enough: Awakening to a New Economics sets out the challenge that we face. The world is locked into a mode of development that is driving environmental destruction and increasing inequality. There is an urgent need to re-consider the priority of economic growth, focusing instead on sustainability and fairer distribution.

The paper goes on to describe the alternative we imagine, an economy that does not need to grow, that respects the limits of the earth. Richer countries would be reducing their consumption and seeking ‘enough’, leaving ecological space for those with less. A range of policy proposals are briefly considered.

The paper also explores the role of the Christian faith, and what the church could contribute to the new economics movement. The list includes an understanding of humanity as embedded in creation, the promise of renewal that is found in the Bible, and much else besides.

Joy in Enough: Awakening to a New Economics is the best place to start in understanding what Joy in Enough is all about. You can read the paper online or download it here.


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