The Joy in Enough confession

The richest 10% of the world’s population are responsible for half of the carbon emissions.

Anyone with an annual income of over £10,745 is in that richest 10%.

Not every Christian in Britain is consuming too much. Some do not have enough. Taken as a whole however, the church in Britain is affluent.

Richer countries such as Britain use more resources, produce more waste, and cause more climate disruption. And yet there is little evidence that consuming so much makes us happy and fulfilled.

The Joy in Enough confession is a call to the church in Britain to acknowledge our complicity in consumerism and climate change, and to use the season of Lent to talk about these topics as a community.

It is a call to repent, and to seek contentment, justice and a life in balance with the natural world. It is a call to freedom from the endless want-creation of consumerism, and to find joy in enough.

confession-downloadChurches are encouraged to use the Joy in Enough confession during Lent in 2019.

Download: the joy in enough confession (pdf)

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