Joy in Enough is a challenge to Christians in Britain, and an invitation to all people of good will, to join in building a just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth.

Our current economic model is failing both people and planet. The warning lights are flashing red as environmental damage increases, debt and inequality levels rise, and communities and wellbeing are eroded.

We are not powerless in the face of these challenges. A better economic system is possible, one that respects planetary boundaries and puts human needs ahead of profit. We are working towards that fair and sustainable economy, and working with the church to add a Christian voice to the growing calls for change.

What Joy in Enough stands for:

  • Relevant – We will avoid economic theory or abstractions. Where these are addressed, we’ll work to ground them in real life experience so that people are aware of what it means to them.
  • Positive – though we are dealing with serious problems, Joy in Enough is a positive articulation of something better. People should feel inspired and motivated when reading JiE material, not daunted or deflated by the challenges we face. There is, after all, joy in enough.
  • Holistically Christian – Joy in Enough is distinctively Christian in character, and unapologetic in its faith-based principles. It is also holistic, rejecting any sacred/secular divide and seeing ecology, society, economics and theology as intertwined.
  • Invitational – Joy in Enough is at heart an invitation to imagine and shape a better world. We should avoid the language of duty or guilt.
  • Generous – there is already a movement for a new economy.  Joy in Enough does not seek to create a separate Christian alternative, but to call Christians and churches to participate in something that is already bigger than we are. In that sense we are free to be generous in our partnerships with others, seeking to be a conduit for further engagement.
  • Conversational – communications should open up dialogue, always providing opportunities for feedback, questions and commentary.