Joy in Enough appoints two staff members

Through its Joy in Enough programme Green Christian is seeking to bring about a society and an economy which is just and joyful, convivial and humane, in which all have enough but none have too much – and which operates within the boundaries of nature.

 Hilary Blake and Jeremy Williams have joined  Joy in Enough as the new Development Officer and Content  Editor, respectively and will be starting work on August 12th 2017.

The Content Editor will launch, develop and maintain Joy in Enough’s online presence, beginning to build the programme’s profile and audience among the intended supporter base, mainly Christians in the UK.

The Development Officer will form relationships with donors and funders, and raise funds which will enable Joy in Enough to be sustained in the medium and long term ensuring, that the project is resilient.

Hilary lives in York with her husband Ian and their sons Joey (4) and Kester (9 months), and is a Local Preacher in the Methodist Church and runs a cloth nappy library.  She has  worked for Christian Aid, the Iona Community and the University of York and is glad to be joining Joy in Enough as Development Officer.

Jeremy lives in Luton with his radio journalist wife Louise, and children Zachary (6) and Eden (4). They’re members of a local Baptist church, which they attend every other week, and in-between they lead an outdoor church plant that meets in the woods in a nearby park. Jeremy works as a freelance writer, and in the last few years has worked for Oxfam, Tearfund, RSPB, the Green Economy Coalition and a number of others.  He also writes the blog, where he has been exploring sustainable economics for around a decade now.

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