Upcoming events and talks

Joy in Enough hosts a monthly talk on the themes of the environment, the economy and faith. Up next, Anna Rowlands will discuss Catholic social teaching and a ‘politics of communion’.

Catholic Social Teaching – Towards a Politics of Communion
Anna Rowlands, University of Durham

Wednesday December 14       
Zoom link

Past events

Missed it? Catch up with the recordings of previous talks here:

Have we robbed our children? – Angus Hanton (video coming soon)

Money: where it comes from, where it’s going – John Daniels

Responsibility in a throwaway culture – Tim Cooper

Why should tax justice matter to Christians – Cat Jenkins

A personal journey into the circular economy – Robert Alexander

Cancel the debt – Eva Watkinson

Credit and faith – Philip Goodchild

The corporate world: friend or foe? – Paul Ashford

The Economics of Enough – Jeremy Williams

Jesus and the Magic Money Tree – Rev Dr John Daniels

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