Plenty FAQ

Got a question about the Plenty! programme? Here are some that others have asked. If your question isn’t covered, drop Cat a line:  



Can Plenty! be run face to face or has it got to be run via Zoom?

Plenty! has been designed so that it can be run either via Zoom or face to face. If it was being done face to face you would need a projector and a screen connected to a laptop, or small enough numbers for people to gather round a laptop to watch the video.

Do I really need to send two links for a Zoom meeting?  

If you don’t have a ‘paid-for’ Zoom account which gives you unlimited time for calls, you have a number of options: You can send two separate links from your own Zoom account and switch from one to the other after 40 minutes. You can risk using people dialling into the same Zoom account after 40 minutes (this normally but not invariably works). You can see if your church or a local society has a paid Zoom account you could use. You could check whether any member of your proposed Plenty! group has a paid-for Zoom account. Or you could wait till face to face meetings are possible.

What is the optimal size for a group?

It will perhaps vary a little as to whether you are running Plenty! via Zoom or face to face. We would recommend that the Zoom group be not larger than 8 – 9 people, unless you are using break-out groups (see question below). With face to face sessions, maybe up 9-10 would work.

My church is large and lots of people want to do ‘Plenty! How do I manage?

Although the experience would be different, and take longer, it would be possible, if you had access to a paid Zoom account, to watch the opening video together and go into break-out groups on Zoom to discuss the session questions, and for groups then to come together and feedback, with you as facilitator. Obviously, with sufficient space, a similar approach could be taken with face to face large groups.

Can I really do this? I’m worried I don’t know enough?

Being a facilitator is not the same as being a subject expert! The material in the facilitators’ packs for each session should give you the information you need to facilitate. We recommend that people do have a look at one of two books if they have the time which will help put the sessions into sharper focus – ‘Doughnut Economics’ by Kate Raworth, and ‘The Economics of Arrival’, by Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams (the latter is JiE’s web and content editor.)

Where can I access help for using Zoom?  

We will be putting some notes on help with Zoom onto this website. You can also email  

Is anyone available to help me with the technology?

The best way of accessing ‘live’ help is to see if there is anyone in your ‘Plenty!’ group who is knowledgeable about Zoom and can help. It may be, given the experience of pandemic lockdown, that there will be someone in your church who can give you a bit of practice in things like sharing screens and ensuring sound for videos.

Do I have to run Plenty! over six weeks or can it be twelve?

There are various ways to run Plenty!. Although it has been envisaged as a six-week, six-session course (more or less fitting in with a Lent study programme) there are other ways in which it can be delivered: 1. With more than, or less than, a week’s break between each session 2. With a 12 week, or two-sessions-a-week, format that has group study of the Bible passages in the pre-sessional participant pack on one week, and the corresponding Plenty! video and discussion questions the next week.