Help us promote the Big Workshop

In November we will be gathering in Sheffield to explore a faith-based movement for a fair and sustainable economy. The Big Workshop will be an opportunity to learn, to be inspired, and to make connections with like-minded people and organisations. We also look forward to sampling a module from the new Joy in Enough group learning guide.

Big Workshop flyer.jpg

It would be great to have a wide range of voices and perspectives at the Big Workshop – Green Christian members and non-members, those with a long-standing interest in sustainable economics and those new to the idea, people of different ages and theologies and backgrounds. With that in mind, can you help to promote the event?

Who could you invite? Is there someone you’ve spoken two a few times about a fair and sustainable economy? If you’re on social media, can you help spread the word? Is there a local event where you could give out some flyers? Could you put a poster on a church notice board?

To help you, there are social media invites on Twitter and Facebook, ready for sharing. You can also download flyers and posters below to print out and distribute where opportunities present themselves. And of course, if you haven’t registered to attend yourself, you can book here. Thank you!


Right click on the links below and select ‘save as…’

Flyer (one-sided)
Flyer (two-sided)

A4 Poster
Bigger poster (large file)

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