The week in enough

One of the things we would like to do on the website here is share stories regularly around the topics of consumerism, economics, and the shift towards a fair and sustainable economy. It’s part of our role in ‘reading the times’ and looking for signs of change.

We’d love you to take part. If there’s a story or article that has inspired you, email or tweet us at @JoyInEnough.

  • A good example of the Circular Economy in action is this new partnership that will see recycling turned into insulation panels.
  • Former MP Alan Simpson writes poetically about the role of care in the economy, and how the pursuit of efficiency devalues human interaction.
  • The British government is introducing targets for soil health to a new agricultural bill, the first time that soil health has been addressed in legislation.
  • Tearfund have been focusing on plastics recently, and currently have a petition to direct more support towards waste processing in poorer countries – something that could cut ocean plastic, create jobs and improve health.

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