The week in enough

Is ‘development’ an obsolete term? Arturo Escobar believes it is, and that Latin America has pioneered alternative stories of progress. A good introduction to ‘Buen Vivir’ and post-development thinking.

Rebuilding Macroeconomics is a project investigating how to make macroeconomics more useful for social policy, including more cooperative and sustainable ways of working. They have a two day conference in October for those interested in psychology and macroeconomics.

How can Christians be more of an influence in politics? Find out on May 11th in Birmingham with the Christians in Politics Influence tour. It’s free, and media training and public speaking coaching is also available.

Speaking of Christian influence, more details on this to come later, but look out for the launch of Church Action for Tax Justice next week. Taxation has an important role in a fair and sustainable economy, and this should be a campaign to support.

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