Church Action for Tax Justice

This month saw the launch of Church Action for Tax Justice (CAT), a new campaign group targeting unfair taxation, tax havens, and lack of transparency around tax. It will also seek to raise awareness of tax within the church.

The group was launched at the House of Lords, with former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, Dame Margaret Hodge, and representatives from Christian Aid and the Quakers. The Methodist church was also present, as the network has grown out of the Methodist Tax Justice Network.

Part of the challenge is to change the way that we talk about tax, as Michaela Youngson, head of the Methodist Conference, expressed: “I hope we can shift the narrative around tax away from it being a dirty word, or a necessary evil, but rather a blessing and a means of all citizens having a stake in a generous society that cares for all.”

Seen this way, tax is less of a burden, and more of a way of including others in the economy, ensuring everyone has a stake, and paying for the public goods that we all share.

Fair taxation plays a vital role in the transition to a fair and sustainable economy, and it is a key element of the Joy in Enough vision. So I would encourage you to visit the CAT website, and sign up for email updates from the campaign.

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