What are we up to?

It may seem a little quiet on the news front, but there’s lots going on around Joy in Enough behind the scenes. It seems like a good time to do a general update on what we’re working on:

1.       The website is now up and running, and hosting various conversations and even some story –telling. We’re looking to grow our social media reach and foster more discussion online – if that’s something you’d like to help with, get in touch.

2.       We are developing a programme of five 90 min sessions that could be run say as a Lenten course in churches. At the moment we are testing drafts of the modules at the moment, and did a trial of the first module in Cambridge recently. 

3.       Next up, our 12-strong organising group are going to meet for a weekend in July. We work as a dispersed community of volunteers, so it’s useful to all get together every once in a while and build a share vision. There are a number of interesting debates ongoing among us about how what our focus should be, who we want to reach and how change happens, so the weekend will be a good opportunity to wrestle with those questions.

4.       Our first advocacy project is a declaration that will be signed by a wide variety of church leaders. We’ve had a couple of drafts out for discussion, and are still refining exactly what it is we want to say. Once we have a final statement, we’ll begin the process of collecting signatures ready for a launch in 2019.

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