Seeking the green shoots of a new economy

Thinking about economics can be a bit abstract – a matter of numbers and statistics. It can feel like a cold and theoretical discipline. At the root of the word though is oikos, the Greek for household. Economics is fundamentally about everyday life. It’s about work and income, time and leisure, the day to day business of running a home and making ends meet.

We can talk about the bigger theories of economics at the macro level, the policies and business models that will lead us to the fair and sustainable economy we wish to see. We can also start at the micro level, looking at examples of people and projects that illustrate a better way of doing things – projects that respect people and planet, and that honour the good gifts of God.

One thing that we want to do at Joy in Enough this year is to seek out the green shoots of the new economy, profiling good ideas and positive alternatives. We’ll look at businesses, community initiatives and wider projects, and we’d like your help to do it.

What are the projects that inspire you? What have you heard about that’s made you hopeful? Are you involved in creating or supporting an initiative that shows what a fair and sustainable economy might look like? How are Christians and churches involved?

We’ve got a few things to write about already, but send us your ideas. We’d love to have a broad range of contributors too, so consider yourself invited.

Where do you see the green shoots of a new economy?

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