Facilitators needed!

plenty-cardsPlenty! is the name of a small-group resource produced as part of Green Christian’s Joy in Enough project – a challenge to Christians to join in building a just economy within the ecological limits of the Earth.

Plenty! is intended as an introduction to some of the issues which Joy in Enough aims to raise. Structured as a card-game, it covers ground which should be relevant and stimulating to a whole range of people – young and old, Christian and non-Christian, those who have already started thinking about these issues and those who haven’t yet.

The aims of the Plenty! conversations are:

  • to raise awareness of some key issues and possible ways forward;
  • to stimulate constructively critical thinking;
  • to set the scene for an invitation to continue on the Joy in Enough journey.

Plenty! is designed for a small group of (ideally) six people plus a facilitator, meeting for five sessions of ‘café conversations’ of ninety minutes each.

As the resource reaches the final stages of its development, we’re looking to gather together a group of facilitators. A series of facilitator orientation events will be offered in the autumn, ready to host conversations around the country.

There’s a role spec below if you would like to know more. If you are interested in being a facilitator, please email RuthJarman@greenchristian.org.uk, giving your name and address.

Plenty! faciliator role spec

The facilitator’s role can be summed up as follows:

  • A good chair – encouraging contributions from members, not dominating discussion;
  • An enabler of learning, not a ‘teacher’;
  • A good, discerning listener – able to judge when to stay with an issue and when to move on in response to the perceived needs of group members;
  • Someone who knows how to ask the right questions to constructively progress a discussion;
  • Not a know-it-all, able to hold back from impressing group members with any potentially daunting expert knowledge.

While some basic knowledge of the subject areas would be an advantage, this is by no means essential. What’s more important is skill in managing group process – and honesty in admitting what you don’t know, alongside a willingness to learn from other group members.

Session packs will include briefing notes which provide basic background information relevant to that session.

What support is available?

  • a basic introduction to the Plenty! resource and the Joy in Enough project
  • a series of orientation workshops held around the country

• access to a ‘helpdesk’ for those wanting advice while running Plenty!

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