Building a church out of straw bales

Holy Trinity Tulse Hill needed a new church hall, and they have built it themselves in one of the most radical construction projects we’ve heard of. Telling the story on their website,, they share how they chose a straw bale build that would be good for the environment, but also something that everyone could participate in.

Straw bale building lends itself to a ‘hands-on community build’, and volunteers and parishioners worked alongside experts to clear the ground and build the hall. It also provided opportunities to learn new skills and open up employment for people in the area.

straw bale vision

The church hall will be a true zero carbon building, which uses dirt-packed tractor tires for the foundation and stacked bales for walls. It’s also a project that will build community.  Churches bringing together economic development, the environment and faith like this are exactly the sorts of stories we want to share at Joy in Enough.

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