Can I care for creation through my choice of bank account?

Rosie Venner, National Programme Manager at ECCR, writes about Money Makes Change – a new project and series of resources designed to help Christians explore and make ethical choices around money.

At ECCR, we are passionate about helping people use their money and their voice to create a fairer, more sustainable world. We have a long history of holding the business world to account, working for human rights, economic and environmental justice and helping churches engage with these issues.

Our new programme Money Makes Change launched in January, and we are bringing out a series of resources to help Christians have conversations about money – including how we save, spend and invest. We may choose to give away 10% of our income, but what about the other 90%? Are there practical ways we can ensure this helps shape a more hopeful future for generations to come?

At an individual level this could mean taking a closer look at which bank account you use, finding out how your pension is invested or making ethical choices in your everyday spending. But there’s a role for churches too. We have a collective responsibility to ensure the resources we steward are used for the common good, and do not harm people or planet.

Our first resource is an interactive workshop for small groups. It’s designed to be used in lots of different contexts – for a one-off conversation or a more in-depth series of sessions. The facilitator’s guide can be ordered for free from, and you can download a preview of the resource and all the supporting documents (PowerPoint slides, handouts and worksheets) from the ECCR website.  

We’ve also produced an Action Starter on charity and church bank accounts – helping you consider the different ethical options available – and we’ll be sharing more practical tools like this in the coming months.

How can you get involved?

  • Please take a look at the Money Makes Change resources and share them with anyone who might be interested.
  • Sign up to the ECCR e-newsletter for news and updates from the programme. Simply email and let us know you’d like to stay in touch.
  • We are looking for case studies of individuals and churches who have made financial decisions inspired by their faith and their vision of a fairer, more sustainable world. Is this you? Let Rosie know by emailing
  • Finally, if you do use any of the Money Makes Change resources, we’d love to hear your feedback and stories – particularly if you’ve decided to take action as a result!

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