Facilitating a Plenty! group?

If you want to get the most out of leading the Plenty! programme in your community, you may like to take part in one of our facilitator training sessions. We’ll talk you through the contents of the sessions, and how they work.

You’ll get a good sense of how to manage your group to get a really useful conversation going, and there will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

The training last around 90 minutes.

To take part or for details of the next training session, email: catturner@greenchristian.org.uk

  • Weds 5th April, 11am
  • Weds 26th April, 11am

Whether or not you can make it to a training session, you’ll find lots of useful advice in our briefing sheet, What makes a good facilitator?

The briefing describes the attributes of a good facilitator, and some of the verbal tools that you’ll need to get everyone participating, keep discussions on track. There’s also advice on managing groups and handling arguments or ‘difficult’ participants. You’ll find loads of practical tips that can be applied in Plenty! and in group contexts more generally.

Download: What makes a good facilitator?

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