Explaining COP26 to your church

If you’re interested in the environment, you probably know all about COP26, the upcoming climate talks in Glasgow in November. Perhaps you’re even campaigning on it in some form, signing petitions, or supporting charities that are using it as a springboard for action. But that awareness isn’t widely shared among the general population. A survey earlier this year found that 60% of people had never even heard of COP26, and those that had heard the name didn’t really know much about it.

That survey was carried out in April, and hopefully awareness has improved a little since then, but we shouldn’t count on it. The chances are that most people won’t know much about this vital climate summit, what is on the agenda and what is at stake

For Christians, this also means churches that aren’t equipped to pray at a critical moment for global justice.

So here’s a short video you might want to show to your church. It’s from the Joint Public Issues Team and it introduces COP26 and why it matters. Have you got three minutes to show this in a service?

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