The Climate Emergency Toolkit

The Climate Emergency Toolkit is a collaborative project to equip churches to declare a climate emergency. It includes resources to help congregations to form an action team, make a declaration, and then plan a programme of actions in response to the climate crisis.

What is particularly powerful about the toolkit is their community based approach. The starting point is the fact that the church is not a building, but a family. It’s not just about putting solar panels on the roof and banning paper plates. It’s about the change that the church could inspire throughout the network of households it represents, creating ripples through the community. This is where the power of the church always lies, as salt and light in the community, whether that is in response to climate change or any other issue.

Combining the wisdom of multiple organisations, including Green Christian, the toolkit has sermon notes, factsheets, templates for writing an emergency declaration, and much more. As the team say:

“As churches and Christians in the UK facing the climate emergency, might we have been called for such a time as this? Together, we can speak up, live prophetically and protect the lives of millions of people already at risk from this crisis.”

Introductory video below, and visit the Climate Emergency Toolkit website to download resources.

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