Talk: Why should tax justice matter to Christians

Cat Jenkins asks why, as Christians, we should have a view on tax justice; what the Bible tells us about such things; and what we can pray for, talk about – and actually do.

Cat works for the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility; she is also a director of the magazine Positive News. Cat has spent much of the past decade working for environmental and social justice, including founding and running the project .

Prior to this, she worked in offshore financial services for a quarter of a century, and has written 17 books on subjects such as corporate governance, fund management and fraud risk management. She’s a former regulator, director of offshore financial businesses, and has taught and lectured on financial services issues such as compliance. 

She’s a mother of twin 15-year-old daughters, and is based in the Isle of Man. A Methodist, she is studying for a Masters in Digital Theology, and is on the Core Team of Deep Adaptation, a group which advocates for compassionate and just responses to the climate and ecological crisis, and the potentially resulting economic and societal collapse.

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